Zoom Zero-Day Exploit Being Sold by Hackers for $500,000: Report

An exploit for Zoom Windows client is a Remote Code Execution (RCE) that means hackers can gain access to the targets machine by running code.

Zoom is among the most utilized video conferencing applications and has increased a ton of clients because of the progressing coronavirus flare-up. In any case, there have been a few security and protection issues with the application and the group at Zoom is said to be attempting to address every one of them. Presently, two “zero-day” blemishes in the Zoom programming have purportedly sprung up on the web and adventures for these are being sold for gigantic totals of cash. One of the blemishes is available in the Windows adaptation of Zoom customer, while the other is a piece of the Zoom customer for macOS.

As indicated by a report by Motherboard, the endeavor that exploits ‘zero-day vulnerabilities’ in Zoom’s Windows customer is available to be purchased by means of adventure representatives for $500,000 (generally Rs. 3.83 crore). Zero-day blemishes are unpatched and already obscure vulnerabilities in a product or equipment.

Zoom vulnerabilities can permit somebody to hack its clients and spy on their calls, Motherboard states. The distribution says three of its sources were reached by intermediaries who were offering these adventures available to be purchased.

“From what I’ve heard, there are two zero-day misuses available for use for Zoom. […] One influences OS X and different Windows.. I don’t expect that these will have an especially long timeframe of realistic usability since when a zero-day gets utilized it gets found,” the report cites Adriel Desautels, the author of Netragard, an organization that used to sell and exchange zero-days.


The adventure for Windows is a Remote Code Execution or RCE, as expressed by one of the other two sources. These kinds of adventures permit programmers to execute code on the objective’s PC without depending on a phishing assault that for the most part relies on beguiling the objective into sharing individual data like financial balance subtleties. RCE likewise permits programmers to get to the objective’s entire machine.

The adventure for Zoom for macOS isn’t RCE, “making it less risky and harder to utilize,” the report includes.

Zoom has reacted to this report and said it didn’t discover any proof for these cases,

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