Special battery-powered air purifier mask coming in the market, see

The novelty of the mask has surprised us in many ways. This time the battery-powered mask

• LG has recently launched PuriCare Wearable Air Purifier. It has a replaceable filter, similar to LG’s home air purifier.


It has special sensors. Which will make sure that your breathing is OK. Accordingly, the speed of the fan of this battery-powered filter will be determined.


Although the company did not say whether the mask is for corona coping, LG has said that it is designed to give more protection to those who wear various masks irregularly.


According to the Korea Herald, a group of health workers in Seoul helped with masks in July. That being said, it will help prevent covid.


• However, the company has not clarified whether it will wear this mask or not. It has been informed that information will be given after receiving the certification. But in this market, this kind of sophisticated mask is undoubtedly going to give a lot of relief to the common man.

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