Riya Chakraborty was arrested! Riya involved in the drug cycle cried!

Riya, who was interrogated by the NCB today, said he also used to take drugs. He used to take drugs regularly.

CBI launches probe into Sushant Singh Rajput’s death One by one, information began to emerge from the beginning of the investigation. Various information about the drug cycle of Bollywood is also coming up. Several allegations were made against Sushant’s then girlfriend Riya. Sushant’s family has blamed Riya for the actor’s death.

After the interrogation started, Riya informed that Sushant used to take drugs. But he has nothing to do with the drug cycle. However, after being interrogated by the NCB today, Riya said that he also used to take drugs. He used to take drugs regularly. As soon as this news of the source came to light, excitement spread. Riya was arrested. Riya was taken into custody today. His corona will be tested. He will also be tested for drugs. He cried after his arrest.

Chakraborty was also arrested a few days ago on charges of murder in the Sushant Singh Rajput case and drug trafficking. This time Riya was taken into custody. Actor’s manager Samuel Miranda has also been arrested in Sushant’s death case. However, it is being investigated whether Riya is involved in Sushant’s death. Riya was arrested today after she confessed to being involved in a drug ring.

On Monday, Riya lodged a complaint with the Mumbai police in the name of Sushant’s two sisters. His claim is that Sushant’s sisters are responsible for the actor’s death.

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