NASA Encourages Remote Work After 2 Employees Test Positive for Coronavirus

NASA Encourages Remote Work After 2 Employees Test Positive for Coronavirus

After two of its representatives tried positive for the Novel Coronavirus, NASA has made telecommuting compulsory in two focuses, while urging different workers to work remotely on the off chance that they can.

The two representatives who have tried positive for coronavirus are from Ames Research Center in California and the Marshall Space Flight Center in Alabama.

NASA made telecommuting compulsory in both these focuses.

“While we don’t have any affirmed instances of COVID-19 at some other NASA community starting today, March 14, out of a bounty of alert, all other NASA habitats are progressing to Stage 2 of our reaction system. Focus chiefs have been in contact with their workers about this status change and steps pushing ahead,” NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine said in an announcement.

“In Stage 2, telecommuting is firmly energized for representatives who can work remotely. I’ve guided representatives to bring home their PC, line, NASA identification, and some other hardware expected to work viably from a substitute area, just as fundamental individual things they may require,” Bridenstine said.

The NASA Administrator said that movement that isn’t strategic will be restricted office wide.

“As I’ve told the NASA people group, on the off chance that you are performing strategic work on focus, don’t go to work on the off chance that you feel wiped out. Everybody should play it safe to ensure themselves as well as other people,” Bridenstine said.

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