# IPL2020: The much awaited IPL schedule ahead, take a look at it with one click

Who will play in the first match, the first match of KKR or when …

The long wait is over. Finally the full schedule of IPL has been published. On Saturday, IPL chairman Brijesh Patel said that this year’s IPL schedule will be published on September 8. The BCCI released the full schedule of the tournament 13 days before the start of the tournament. Board officials were reluctant to release the full schedule due to multiple issues. Photo-File

As expected, the champions and runners-up will start the first match of the IPL after overcoming all obstacles. The match between Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings will be played on the 19th at 7.30 pm. Photo Courtesy- IPL T20 .COM

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Photo Courtesy- IPL T20 .COM

First of all, there are different rules of quarantine in the UAE. After that, don’t attack Chennai Super Kings camp. As a result, the board officials could not publish the preliminary schedule. According to board sources, the finalist will face the last two matches in the first match according to the rules. The Chennai Super Kings agreed to play the first match despite having trouble starting practice due to Corona’s push. As a result, the tournament is scheduled to start with Rohit Sharma’s Mumbai Indians match against Dhoni’s CSK. The opening match board officials want to do in Abu Dhabi. In that case, CSK will go to Abu Dhabi from Dubai to play the match. Photo-File.Dhoni was given a two-week quarantine rule. After a few rounds of corona test, the report was negative and Chennai Super Kings can start training for a couple of days. At first it was thought that Dhoni’s team would not agree to play the first match of just two weeks of practice. That is why the board officials were thinking of changing the schedule. However, sources said that the problem was resolved as CSK agreed to play the first match. So the BCCI is going to announce the full schedule on Sunday. The match will start at 7.30 pm Indian time. The double match will start at 3:30 pm. Photo-File

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