Farhan Akhtar’s girlfriend Shibani has requested to release Riya Chakraborty from jail.

Shivani, Riya’s girlfriend and Farhan Akhtar’s lover, spoke on behalf of Riya from the very beginning.

 Bollywood actress and Sushant Singh Rajput’s ‘girlfriend’ Riya Chakraborty has been arrested after a three-day interrogation last Tuesday! The actress was remanded in custody for 14 days. His medical test was also done. He stayed in the NCB quarters on the first night. He was seen walking without sleeping all night. The next day he was kept in the Byculla jail in Mumbai. Riya spends the night there to get a mat on the ground. After that, if the rear lawyer applied for bail, it was rejected. He will have to spend 14 days in jail for now.

Shivani, Riya’s girlfriend and Farhan Akhtar’s lover, spoke on behalf of Riya from the very beginning. This time he applied for Riya’s release from jail. Posting on social media, he said he would release Riya. Shivani and Ankita Lokhand also had a verbal battle. However, after posting this, many people have started criticizing Shivani again. However, Shivani did not have the option to comment in his comment box.

Incidentally, on Thursday, lawyer Satish Manshinde applied for bail in the special court, claiming that Riya was ‘innocent’ again. The petition states, ‘Riya has not committed any crime. He has been falsely framed. The NCB has forced him to make a statement! ‘ Besides Riya, bail was also sought for Riya’s brother Shauvik Chakraborty and five others arrested in the drug case. But after the bail hearing, the court stayed the verdict. On the morning of Friday, September 11, Judge GB Gurao Riya and Shauvik Chakraborty, along with four other accused, pronounced bail. The court rejected the bail pleas of six people arrested, namely Riya, Shawvik, Deepesh Sawant, Samuel Miranda, Abdel Basit Parihar and Zayed Villatra. As a result, Riya Chakraborty will have to spend her life in Baikulla Jail till September 22.


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